5min. invents nothing, frames, mixes, weaves. 5min. a passion of the moment, of a season, a hobby born to turn energy and creativity into small things, small tangible passions

Our history

5min. is the lucky result of the meeting between Antonella  and Antonio. 
Her italian/syrian origins – Antonella grew up in Beirut before returning to Italy with her family because of the civil war – the love of New York- born Antonio for Southern Italy convey a strong aesthetic sensibility that developed into a professional friendship where creativity is the absolute fil rouge. 
Curious and open-minded, Antonella and Antonio nurture an interest in everything that embraces diverse cultures - in particular their - and feel the need to recount, to share them. From there the launch of 5min.: a textured and evocative textile collection, made of contaminations and storytelling, created around the iconic and versatile kafiyeh, 5min. cotton kafiyeh are made in hebron, they are then washed, lined with vintage or new silk scarves (from the silk district of como in Northern Italy) and then hand-embroidered. Each piece is unique and the result of manual skills and wisdom, of passion and generosity. 5min. is what it takes to fall in love, to choose something that deeply touches, to be longed-for. 5min. is both a limit and a free space where everyone can find itself. 
5min. is a journey to be undertaken.


From the middleastern tradition, the typical men's hat becomes the season's "must have", from Milan to Los Angeles, from Paris to New York, a pure lovers' wish list for the season's accessory. Once a gadget for close friends, it soon becomes a desirable object.

Never the same, the kefiah 5min. expresses the fascination of tranformation that becomes the fascination of addition and vice versa.

Season after season no one has tired of the kefiah.

Lovers of every age and social background are ready to ask for a specific colour, a new special combination, in exclusivity.


Kefiah unique piece, no one will ever have one like yours.


The sign of 5min., the quality handicraft and technological innovation create this line of coppole, that embraces the old traditional Sicily textile with the original brand style.

Each coppola is firstly cut in all its parts in coordinate tissues with its own decorations and choice patterns. The laser decoration perfected by sewing machine and then by hand-sewn permits to obtain an accurate and personal result. At the end the coppola is refined by hand step by step including the match of the lining and the seam choice, these latter same color or in contrast. At last the coppola is ironed on the appropriate wood mold to give it the right form as in the past.


Diana Vreeland, Marta Marzotto, Liz Taylor loved the kaftan with great passion, wearing some unforgettable ones.

We identify kaftan for the first time in the ancient land of Mesopotamia, worn by many Middle Eastern ethnic groups.

We find it walking in the art of ancient Persia in 600 BC. and then enchant us with its most luxurious and excessive expression, as the dress of the sultans, during the magnificent Ottoman Empire.

The Middle-Eastern origin that 5min. has in the DNA, has made a deep feeling resound within us.

The kaftan 5min. must be worn with the pleasure of putting on a fresh and simple garment that gives an incredibly regal air

Kefia craft, Italian scarves, hand embroidery, a strategic drawstring and the long fringe that caresses the ground.

Uniques Home

The art of assembly and of contamination turn into artisanal products with an assertive character.

They are objects for the home or personal, messages, titles, blankets to dress ones own world and space.

Unique creations, Made in Italy, hand crafted in our atelier.


Visit our gallery to appreciate the style that our customers love. If you do not find what you are looking for, contact us and we will be happy to help you